donkiwi said: I guess the only explanation would have to be magic hahaha. I love how soft your pictures always look, the brustrokes are kind of like…soothing in a way, and the poppy flowers are such a nice touch. I am so excited for him and the movie, but i do expect tears. oh why fo…

That would explain it! Immortal beauty, hahaha! XD Well I really appreciate this wonderful praise from you, thank you! Ah, yes, it seems like it would be terribly sad… 

principalskinners added: uMM this is amazing

Thank you very kindly! 

chibichiiiadded:Beautiful artwork ♥

Thanks a bunch, darling! Always good to hear from you!

sebastiansthanhs said: THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL

You’re lovely, thank you! 


indubidably said: This looks gorgeous and I know what you mean! Your reblogs of his gorgeous face inspire me too I just wish I had your skill set, hahahah! Gosh this one is just too beautiful, I really love the brushstrokes here!

Hey, thank you! I’m glad you’re inspired by my obsessive posts, lol! Oh, I’ve been trying to let my realistic work look more rough and painterly than usual… so I’m happy you like the brushstrokes showing through here! ^^

silencesincesilence added: I feel the same way about his hair in those photos. Someone in the hair & makeup department should get an award.

Oh yesss! We owe them so much, haha! XD

hiko73 added: Gorgeous!!!

Thank you very much!

chrssc said: Sighhhhh the way you draw Colin’s gorgeous face❤️❤️❤️

Always a pleasure to show his face off, haha… Glad you enjoy! Thank you, dear! ^^

barbitone said: oh my god you’re killing me <3

Yes, death by Colin’s severe prettiness! lol <3 


tardisbluewarlock said: wow you are too talented! This is amazing!

Thank you so much!

amphigoury-art said: Can someone remind me in November to add this to my annual Merlin War!AU rec post? SOOOO AWESOME!

Ooh, thank you! That’s such an interesting rec topic - I’d be so delighted to have this piece included. Well, if no one else does, I hope I can remember to remind you! :)

thealphasspark said: Stunning!!

Ah, many thanks!!

rocknvaughn added: Gah! This is absolutely gorgeous Whimsy!

You’re always so sweet, thank you very much!

merlinfanartrecs added: She has to be my fav artist right now.

Wow! I’m truly honoured to hear that, thank you! <3

Anonymous asked:

ASDNEFLKNLF THAT MERLIN ENTRY. My dash is mainly Sherlock, and every so often I see one of your posts and you somehow awaken the obsession I had with Merlin that started with Arthurian Legend years ago when I was still in elementary school and what I'm trying to say is I'm so glad I followed you because you give me nostalgic feelings in the best possible way and this is a really long run on sentence but MY EXCITEMENT CANNOT BE CONTAINED BY PUNCTUATION

Oh, anon, you are wonderful! Thank you for such a delightful comment! I think it’s so awesome you had a childhood passion like that, and I’m glad to be enabling your continued obsession, haha! ^_^