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He reminds me of L from Death Note.

I dunno how I didn’t notice this before - he TOTALLY does look like L, haha! Sherlock should trade his cigs for sweets… XD 

Colin Morgan’s new role!

So there’s this awesome bit of news which reveals that Colin will be starring in an upcoming sci-fi drama, and I looked into the original Swedish adaptation of the show. ASSUMING that Colin’s character, LEO, is the same Leo described here on wikipedia (and that the new adaptation will follow the same storyline) then here are a couple interesting facts about him…

Leo “leads a group of free hubots reprogrammed to be capable of emotion, desires and free will.”

Leo himself is “half-human half-hubot…” and he “has a port in his side and must charge himself in order to live.”

So… there’s a good chance that we’ll have… CYBORG!COLIN <3 <3 <3