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I’m sorry, this is late. But could it be you mean this photo of mine? http://morgainependragon.deviantart.com/art/Pierrefonds-Sept-2012-Arthur-11-So-tired-329941960 Hope I could be of help. ;)

Yes, that’s the photo I was remembering in particular! Brolinskeep linked me to this exact page of yours. Awesome to know that you’re the one who took this! If I do make time for this piece I have planned, it’ll be so helpful - though I’m referencing just aspects of it, and quite loosely. Anyway, thank you for capturing and sharing this moment with us all… I’m a bit jealous that you got to visit the set, lol! How wonderful was that? ^^ 

ANONYMOUS SAID: Hi! Sorry to bother you, but I was wondering where you learned to sketch in the style of your Benedict (TIFF photos). Do you have any tips for someone wishing to achieve that style or aesthetic, if you will, in their sketches? Thanks so much for your time, and for any answer you might give!

Hello! It’s no bother at all! I’ll do my best to explain this particular sketch's style… While my digital art displays a diverse range of styles, my traditional drawings are mostly realistic - and this one of Benedict is an example of that. When drawing a realistic portrait, I usually try my best to get every proportion just right as I observe my reference photo and put pencil to paper. For this sketch, however, I did some subtle experimenting… 

I remember wanting to emphasize what attracted to me to this particular photo of Ben - that adorable expression! I ended up exaggerating certain features of his face - his eyes most prominently. After I was done, I actually thought it was a poor likeness compared to my other portraits! Ben looked more like an innocent puppy than an actor in his late thirties after I was done with him! I almost didn’t post this sketch, haha…

Honestly, I was surprised that people found this so appealing! I’m pretty sure this rough sketch has more notes than any other piece of mine… It’s baffling, but I’m delighted by all the praise it’s been given. I’m thankful for all the lovely comments, and I’ve lost count of how many people have put “Disney Prince” in their tags, lol! While I would maintain that this sketch is realistic in style, I suppose my slight play with proportions did make him almost cartoon-like. I don’t much see a Disney-esque style myself, but it’s an awesome opinion to hear! 

I’m sorry to say that this aesthetic was a bit of a fluke, and I don’t think it’s something I’ll typically achieve in the future, but I hope my explanation of how I drew this is answer enough for you… 

Um, I’ve realized that I assumed that your question was focused on how I interpreted his face - as that’s what most people have commented on. Forgive me if you actually wanted to know about my medium (graphite), paper (toothy), technique (hatching), or something else I could ramble about? Anyway, don’t hesitate to ask me more about my art! Although, considering how much I write, you’ll have to be quite patient…  

Thanks incredibly much for all the help with this! Although what brolinskeep found is what I believe I was remembering in particular, what I imagined sort of combines the angles of these other shots as well! I’ll end up using more than one link for reference, so I’m grateful for everyone’s time - thank you again! <3

It’s also just a treat to see all these precious moments between Bradley and his horse(s)… So adorable, gahh! 

Help? Bradley James photo search!

Hi guys! So I’m trying to find a good reference image for an upcoming art piece, and I remember there being a photo of Bradley leaning his head on his horse… neck bowed, eyes closed. He’s standing by the horse - not riding. Probably an on-set moment captured by a fan.

Anyway, this would be the perfect reference for what I have in mind! I’m having little luck with google, so I’m hoping some of my followers will know what I’m talking about! Thanks so much for any help! :)

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wOW YOU ART IS GORGEOUS, IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING AND JUST JUST IT'S REALLY BREATHTAKING LIKE LITERALLY OH MY GOD???? sorry for the caps lock i'm just wow i'm just really blown away you are sooo talented and i just fell in love with your art fgnhsjklg how have i never seen your blog before WE JUST DON'T KNOW omg you are so great whoaaaaa

Thank you so, sooo much! In this case, caps lock is flattery at its finest, lol! Well I’m so happy that you came across my work and took some time to leave me such a wonderful comment! Thanks again! ^^

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Beautiful! So soft and angelic.

Thank you! I was hard-tempted to ignore the challenge and do some darker colours, but I’m happy with the softness that resulted from keeping to the palette. 

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Looks so luscious this one <3

Well thanks so much! I’m more than happy to achieve lusciousness; might use these colours more often!  ^^

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Hey, how’s the latency on that tablet? I played with a bunch of Cintiq’s at PAX (A ritual for me really) But I’ve almost always hated the screen-on-tablet ones because they all had some seriously bad latency. 
I just realized that was my name. EEEEEYYYYY

Haha! I forgot to message you about this, so I’m glad you noticed! Hope you’re pleased! :) 

Sorry, do you mean lag issues? I have THIS model and so far the stylus has been very responsive in both Photoshop and Paint Tool SAI. Were the Cintiqs you tested not a Companion? Other models are pretty much just monitors with pressure-sensitive pen hardware that you can attach to any PC or Mac operating system, so the latency could just be a problem with whatever computers PAX uses for display…

The one I have comes as its own portable computer (running on Windows 8) and the specs are powerful enough that artwork (brushstrokes most importantly) will go smoothly. Aside from drawing with the stylus, the alternate “touch” option is just as responsive. We’ll have to see if long-term usage will have an effect…

Well let me know if I misunderstood your question!