superfluousemi replied to your photo “Still getting used to my new Cintiq Companion and thought I could…”

Beautiful! So soft and angelic.

Thank you! I was hard-tempted to ignore the challenge and do some darker colours, but I’m happy with the softness that resulted from keeping to the palette. 

alexandarcho replied to your photo “Still getting used to my new Cintiq Companion and thought I could…”

Looks so luscious this one <3

Well thanks so much! I’m more than happy to achieve lusciousness; might use these colours more often!  ^^

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Hey, how’s the latency on that tablet? I played with a bunch of Cintiq’s at PAX (A ritual for me really) But I’ve almost always hated the screen-on-tablet ones because they all had some seriously bad latency. 
I just realized that was my name. EEEEEYYYYY

Haha! I forgot to message you about this, so I’m glad you noticed! Hope you’re pleased! :) 

Sorry, do you mean lag issues? I have THIS model and so far the stylus has been very responsive in both Photoshop and Paint Tool SAI. Were the Cintiqs you tested not a Companion? Other models are pretty much just monitors with pressure-sensitive pen hardware that you can attach to any PC or Mac operating system, so the latency could just be a problem with whatever computers PAX uses for display…

The one I have comes as its own portable computer (running on Windows 8) and the specs are powerful enough that artwork (brushstrokes most importantly) will go smoothly. Aside from drawing with the stylus, the alternate “touch” option is just as responsive. We’ll have to see if long-term usage will have an effect…

Well let me know if I misunderstood your question!

jelazakazone replied to your photo “It’s the 8th of September and it already looks like Christmas! Calgary…”

Yikes! This is what it looks like outside your door? We had so much snow last year. I don’t think I can take a repeat. Still hot here in Va.

Ya, it just started falling today! I just heard that it’ll be back up to the 20s next week tho… That’s Calgary… Oh, I actually just got back from a holiday in Vancouver! I much prefer your typical weather. Not too hot and not too cold, lol.

Anonymous asked:

can u recommend any blogs that post mostly merlin and also people who make merlin fanart please?


If you’re looking for some really good merlin-centric blogs, landofmerlin is one of my faves (I stalk them on a daily basis whoops). Also simplycolin and royalpendragon post mostly all merlin and merlin cast related things.  merlingraphicbattle is a cool blog to check out for awesome merlin graphics. There are so many wonderful merlin bloggers out there but those are a few off the top of my head.

As far as artists go, there’s a lot of amazing merlin fanartists out there too! whimsycatcher, mushroomtale-fanart, achelseabee, hannijar, writingupsidedown, artgroves, merthurology, deheerkonijn, orangemouse, euclase, elvishness, and I’m probably forgetting some people, but if you’re ever looking for more, merlinfanartrecs is a good place to look too. Hope that helps!

Cheers, my dear! <3 (I’m almost positive I’m already following everyone else, but will definitely make sure!)