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Your art is so good! Do you measure or have any tricks for keeping proportion?

Ridiculously late reply, sorry! Hope you see this, whoever you are… Anyway, thank you very much! I’ve overlayed my finished work against my reference before, just to find out my proportions aren’t perfect, but I’m proud to do a decent job!  When it comes to realistic portraits, I try my best to draw through observation (vs tracing), and I’ll often crop the photo in a way that’s close to what I want to be my final composition. I was pushed to use a grid in high school and will still use that for large-scale traditional pieces, but with the realistic digital portraits I do now I’ll at most separate it into quadrants. So I’ll have a horizontal and a vertical line cross at the middle. This can help avoid some lopsidedness! 

I’ll do without a grid usually, as it’s often enough for me to have my prepared reference right beside my working canvas, both on-screen. It helps that I have a second monitor so I don’t have to look at a shrunken photo. I sketch a basic outline for the first step - I’m no good at dabbing on painterly blobs right away. I’ll start rendering once I’ve got the features of the face mapped out - though it doesn’t have to be perfect! The magic of digital art is that you can easily adjust things… like an eye that’s gotten too large, or too close to the hairline, lol. Routinely flip your work horizontally and you’ll catch issues like this. 

I actually really improved my observation skills through “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” (it’s a book, haha). The gist is not thinking of the face as a face while you’re drawing. Try to see your reference as a jumble of shapes and angles and shades that you want to recreate. For example: when drawing someone’s eye, don’t try to draw an eye! Forget that it’s an eye and think of it as a… uniquely deformed oval… that you must match, or else you might end up drawing a generic presumption of an eye. And then, if you need to determine the placement of a second deformed oval (the other eye) try to work out how many same-sized deformed ovals fit in the space between them.

God, do I make sense? I know I sound silly, but bear with me… ‘cause I’m also gonna tell you that working upside-down is also worth trying. So, like, flip both your reference and your canvas vertically once in a while… Um, yeah, so this is what do… >_>

I’ve reached TLDR levels again, haven’t I? 


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Hello! I've gotta say that you have some really fantastic pieces on here! And now i must present you with a question. Lately i haven't felt particularly motivated or inspired to create anything and i really should be practicing and working on new pieces, so i was just wondering what you do when you don't feel like making anything and how you go about fixing it? Thank you loads :D

Hello there! Thank you very much! Ah, art blocks… Well, other than defaulting to drawing another Merlin, I sometimes will try to spark my imagination by looking at other works of art. Browse through more of tumblr’s art tags and sites like deviantART, or rent a book like “Illustration Now” from the library, maybe even visit a museum if that’s a convenient option! Check out the unlimited styles and topics. It’ll be hard not to come across something that makes you go, I wanna try that! 

If that doesn’t work, watch a film in your favourite genre. Keep a sketchbook handy and doodle as you watch. Maybe you like animation, fantasy, sci-fi, or period dramas… etc? Stuff like scenery, special effects, and costumes can be so visually inspiring. Along with the story-telling! Speaking of stories… For a lot of my school projects, I’d research old myths and fairy-tales from cultures all around the world and then think of a unique way to illustrate them. “Edmund Dulac” has done some of my favourite fairy-tale illustrations!

Well I hope some of these tips help you get inspired! Happy arting! ^^

It’s nearly 1 AM and I am drawing a freakin’ banana… for work… I’m being paid over-time for this, hahaha… (procrastination doesn’t end after college, btw)