I’ve neglected to update society6 with my slew of recent pieces, but someone has kindly requested that I make a print of my painting of Colin from Testament of Youth (x) So there you have it!

*** There’s FREE SHIPPING until midnight (Aug.10, Midnight Pacific Time) if you go through THIS LINK! :)

I can’t believe they make duvet covers now… Oh, the possibilities…


Anonymous asked:

How do you feel about people using your art as icons/headers?

I’m happy to let people do this if they ask me beforehand - I pretty much always give permission! I might mind, though, if they were heavily manipulating my work (just cropping is okay). Credit somewhere on their blog/site is also really appreciated, so I know that others can figure out who the art belongs to and where it’s from.

It’s lovely that people enjoy my work enough to display it like this, but it’s even more flattering when they show me some consideration by asking permission and giving credit… So please contact me (off anon) if anyone plans on using my work. I’d also just love to have a look! ^^